Change the Shape & Appearance of Your Body, Reduce Body Fat, Cellulite, Appetite and Craving, Stretch Marks, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Bone Pain! Improve & Increase Your Body’s Metabolism with InfrafitX Sessions.

InfrafitX Sessions by La Belle Medical Center

from AED150


Option 1: 1 session InfrafitX – AED 150
Option 2: 3 sessions InfrafitX – AED 405
Option 3: 6 sessions InfrafitX – AED 720

Reduces body fat
Strengthen your muscles.
Reduce cellulite 
Reduce appetite and craving
Reduce stretch marks
Reduce muscle pain, joint pain , bone pain


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Voucher valid until 30th May, 2016
Valid on all days
No refunds
Bookings must be made in advance with Subject to availability
Cancellation or rescheduling must be done 24 hours prior
Booking Details: TK MMA & Fitness, Shatha Tower, Dubai Marina
Contact: 0501239569
Timing: 10 am to 9 pm
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What is InfrafitX?
InfrafitX is the result of many years of study and research in the areas of metabolism and obesity and has been proven 
to offer long-term solutions to excess weight problems in people of all shapes and sizes. It is an ergonomically designed
recumbent exercise bike and infrared energy capsule combined into one device. The combination of moderate intensity exercise with deep thermal heating of the body produces the breakdown of fat cells and overall detoxification. InfrafitX sessions are 40 minutes in length and are completed three times per week.

• Slimming 
• Change the shape and appearance of your body.
It reduces body fat in the areas exposed to the infrared rays and gets rid of unsightly fat deposits.
Strengthen your muscles. It increases the capacity of your working muscles to burn fat.
Reduce cellulite 
• Reduce appetite and craving
Reduce stretch marks
Reduce muscle pain, joint pain , bone pain 
• Improve and increase your body’s metabolism.
Your metabolism becomes more efficient at burning fat. This ability improves with time and gives lasting results.
Detoxify the body and increase longevity.
Detoxification promotes cardiovascular efficiency and reduces the risk of heart and metabolic diseases. 
Reduces stress, anxiety and even depression.
Exercise using InfrafitX stimulates the production of endorphins and increases cerebral serotonin concentration improving your emotional state.
Increase your energy . During exercise your body produces more stamina and higher energy levels.
• Provide lasting results.
The results you will obtain from exercise using the InfrafitX will not only reduce your body fat but also improve your metabolism. Your body will learn to function more efficiently. Your muscles will burn more calories and fat even when resting.

TK MMA & Fitness
Shatha Tower, Dubai Marina
Contact: 0501239569

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